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how do I record playing my guitar onto my computer without all the expensive equipment? Answered

I want to play my guitar & recording it directly to my desktop so I can send to friends who do the same.... A friend tried to explain how He made his own device for doing this but I still don't know how He did this.


To asnwer your question as it's asked...ie, "without all the expensive equipment:" If it's an acoustic, use the cheap computer microphone that probably came with the computer or buy one for <<$10 at your local computer store, walmart, or online. If it's an electric, and if you have one, run it thru a pedal effect to preamplify the signal and then into the line-in on the soundcard, or directly to the line-in if you don't (but get ready for increased noise due to the low-output of the guitar) After that, use the audio tools that came with your computer or download a specialized recording program. Many are free.

You need to connect the output from the guitar to your computer's Line-in or Mic socket. Unamplified I think it might work fine into the Mic socket, Line-in may require a pre-amp. It's a matter of a couple of jacks and some cable, plus recording software.
I'd expect someone else to answer this with more detail but those are the basics.


That's about it. Download "audacity" a free software that will let you capture and edit your sound file. If the guitar is an acoustic you can get a cheap mic that is sold for web casts and just drop it in the sound hole. If you like the sound you can rig up a clip or something to make it more permanent. The sound is usually better than you might expect. Good luck.