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how to repair cigarette burns in carpet? Answered

I burnt my carpet and need instruction as to how to repair it.



I don't know of any _good_ way to do so, outside of finding a piece of matching carpet and somehow splicing that in to replace the damaged area.

Good argument for not smoking.

As a smoker, I know, I know, I know! But thanks for the answer. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

I am a smoker - aghhhhhh- tried to stop a milion and one times. On new medication and it caused me to drop my cig. I really have to have this fixed right because I am a RENTER! Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. And I know I'm killing myself with every cig too!!!


7 years ago

Frollards answer is a good one. For a more extensive (and labor intensive) repair this works well: pull a corner or edge of the carpet out from under the baseboard trim, or better yet, out from under a baseboard heater and trim off a small pile of fibers, or clumps of fibers, or loops, depending on the type of carpet. Replace the carpet edge. Use hot glue to secure the donated material to the damaged area. It will take a bit of fiddling and skill, but the finished repair will be nearly invisible, but not particularly durable. Good luck.

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Yeah, yours is more of a "comb over" effect :)

Depends on the type of carpet -- I suppose you could do the glue-down thing by gluing individual lengths of yarn 'middle down' for open pile carpet to create a new forest in the area shaved down...scary though, especially in high traffic areas, as getting the colour right would be crucial.

Yes, my method isn't very durable, but the color should be very close.


TRy cutting round the burn in a regular shape - A square for example. Cut a matching square from a clean hidden area e.g. under the furniture - use a carpet glue (Copydex is a good one) to glue the patch in place. Eventually the pile will amalgamate to disguise the patch.

A good carpet fitter will do this for you for a price.

when cutting the patch put a spare bit of carpet under the burn and cut through them both in this way they will both be the same shape.

At a friends house with limited success we used a few techniques:

Depending on the TYPE of carpet (whether the pile is open ended or looped) - open pile you can carefully snip the ends of the burnt fibers. If they are melted together it may take a more drastic 'haircut' to remove the damaged fiber tips. Feathering the cut edge is important so it doesn't look like quite so big a divot.

If you are really brave, you can get a 'sharp' dremel tool (as opposed to a dull grinder type attachment) and do a little haircut that way, again, be careful not to do MORE melting than there already is, hence the bladed tool.

Last case if these repairs fail is to replace a small patch, or the entire carpet. Kiss your security deposit goodbye.