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im looking to make a kayak paddle out of fibreglass type materials but dont have a clue how id make the mould? Answered

im hoping to try and copy or even make a good designed double bladed kayak paddle out of fibreglass kevlar or some type of composite. id probhably make it in 3 parts being the two blades and the shaft. iv never used it before so any ideas will be great. thanks. pad.


check this out- its made for a greenland style carbon paddle, but the same concept would work for firberglass- http://www.rollordrown.com/kayak/gstick.html

That's an awesome link WayfinderAli!  I think you answered this.

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I never had any luck making an enclosed mold for fiberglass.  I'm not even sure that you can.  How do you get inside to apply the glass inside the thin mold. 

What I would try is making a form out of something strong but light and shape it like the blades and glass over that.  Then finish the exposed surfaces as needed.

Making the glass tube for the handle would be easy.  You could roll sturdy paper the right size then glass over that and remove the paper after curing.

Then just mount them together.

Watch out for the chemicals they're a bitch.
Watch out when cutting or sanding fiberglass it's pretty hard on the skin not to mention the lungs.

You didn't mention it but don't even consider using carbon fiber until you really do the research on it.

The standard way to use an "encased" mould is to have a mould for each side of the paddle, lay the wetted out fibreglass or kevlar or carbon or bamboo or whatever on EACH side and then clamp them together while wet. Before you clamp you have to put the shaft in between the moulds, or perhaps a mandrel that you can remove once set to insert the shaft Zola

I did just this to make some money when i was at uni. I would unless you have a really strong desire to just purchase a paddle shaft from a manufacturer, they can be quite cheap. I would have a good think about what you want to use the paddle for. If you want make a moulded blade (what i did) you will need an original to make a mould from. If you go down this path try to get the best type of paddle for the kind of paddle you want to use it for. Zola.


8 years ago

i use 2 pack wood filler all the time i suppose i could make the mould by putting a thin layer on it somehow or even out of it just the blades. I also have a wooden paddle covered in composite and its super tough. i mite try that way. thanks again.