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pdf image recovery from corrupt pdf files? Answered

the pdf file in which i kept my pictures gt corrupt. i used image extractor tools but for nothing. please help me. i am clueless what to do?



Most likely it wont be the firewall causing the corrupted image in the PDF file.

For your administrator rights error, completely remove Adobe Reader, then re-download the installer to your desktop. When you run it, right click the icon and choose the option that says Run as Administrator, that should solve that problem.

To get an older version of Adobe Reader, use this link: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/3064ea96-fa77-4681-9455-8d80f120faea/pdf-file-is-corrupted-how-can-i-handle-this-trouble?forum=officeitpro

You can also try Kernel for PDF repair tool.

Rename the files to .AI and try opening them in Ghostscript, which is free and open sourced/

Why would anyone want to use a PDF file to store pictures? What a lousy, low quality, and easily corruptible way to store a number of important images.

Hmmm, spammers getting smarter without using the brain?
Have to admit it is a new one, but using a PDF to store pictures....
Something tells me we are waiting for a suspicious looking link....

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