1000's of ice packs + large polystyrene cooler boxes 2 feet cubed. I need a project, or three to consume these. Ideas?

I have 1000's of ice packs, some are thin flexible plastic, others are the thick rigid plastic type. They come inside large polystyrene cooler boxes about 2 feet cubed. I need a project or two or three to consume these. I can get even more but what would be a good use for them? If I can get a project for these then it will save a huge amount of landfill on a continuing basis. I have lots of space so there is no restriction there. Ideas please?

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susie8 years ago
If they're clean, you should talk to commercial kitchens in your area or food makers at local farmers markets if they are shipping perishable products (meat, cheese etc). It could be a huge boon for them to get your materials so they don't have to buy new ones! :)
Dr.Bill8 years ago
build a Hawaiian Shave Ice machine that can hold ice that big and go into business. (Snow Cones)
I might be able to use a few hundred for transporting seafood. Do You have the boxes, too?
ANDY!8 years ago
Try a giant air conditioner
ANDY!8 years ago
Are the ice packs used?
NB GF (author)  ANDY!8 years ago
yes, but they are reuseable and clean.
frollard8 years ago
cold battery!!!!!

I want something exactly like this -
You need some tubing, heat exchangers, a few old car radiators, preferably solar power, pumps, and a big big big hole in the ground -

Bury the boxes plumbed in a loop full of the ice packs and a heat exchanger - all winter pump coolant thru the plumbing *with solar power* and get as much heat out of them (cool them). Then run your house AC during the summer with the same flow.
tiledz8 years ago
Make some lots and sale it on ebay ;) Keep some for your beer