A Good Bullpup Mechanism, Anyone?

I am looking for a good Bullpup mech to put into a gun like the one in the pic, or something of that sort. In other words, I am looking for an 'ible that has a great Bullpup mech. Give me the URL of the web page, and you may or may not be awarded best answer...XD

Picture of A Good Bullpup Mechanism, Anyone?
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* compact mech, but you need a long stock
* Looks like a 'sear' mech. Long pin pull, and you can put more bands on it, without breaking the trigger
These are the best I could find
Thanks bro, I'll look them up, and see if they work...
ok, no problem
look up seleziona and look on his profile for a good mech he has one im just not quite sure what its called, but ive built one before by him and it worked very nicely
You mean like his SCB-10? I built it, but I doubt it'll work in the gun above...
yeah that must be it ok ive done something similar in the gun above, it will work, im at school right now so i cant explain it to you
Ok, no problem.