Anti-Graffiti Coatings?

Would any of the resident geniuses here at Instructables have any ideas for keeping graffiti off of my cedar fence? I live in a fairly rough neighborhood in a major urban center, and we exclusively have the bad type of graffiti-- crappy tags from juvenile delinquents delineating their turf. Any ideas on how to combat this problem with a DIY, cost-effective solution? I'm thinking it might just be something that most spraypaint won't stick to, or a surface that will destroy paint pens. Heat-sensing, motion-sensing automatic machine guns are not an option due to the rampant stray population ;)

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rickharris4 years ago
You can try painting the fence with old engine oil.

!. Paint may well not stick

2. It won't rot.
amorakkabi4 months ago

Kiteman4 years ago
I don't think there is - as I understand it, "anti graffiti" paint is just an easy-clean surface, and probably not suitable for a wooden fence.

Why not play psychology, and offer up a single sacrificial panel or surface, with a small sign along the lines of "graffiti and tags welcome here"?

That would either restrict thd graffiti to a single point, or dissuade the taggers because "who wants to tag where we're welcome?".
Nate Cougill (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
I like the psychology approach, but with these particular taggers, I might need something a bit more direct. Maybe coat the wood in parafin?
...then they'll just set fire to it.....
Some sort of grease ?
Can you get teflon paint?

Yes, I've seen stuff with teflon in it, I don't know whether it would be paint proof though
The trouble is then the delinquents show up with primer designed to stick to everything.

Covert cameras are a good idea.
You're an awkward beggar Frollard ;-)
bwrussell4 years ago
Put some sprinklers on a motion sensor behind the fence.
Get a big scary dog.
Get the sound of a big scary dog and some motion triggered speakers.
Motion triggered flood lights.
Put up a sign that says "community graffiti wall", nothing deters delinquents like approval. Trying to designate only section will guarantee that the other areas get covered.
Use a security camera to determine when they most often come around. Request a police drive by during that time. Use the security footage as justification.
Start a charity and community group to give youths in your neighborhood a purpose and a reason to get off the streets.
Start a neighborhood watch to get people onto the street. (Physically intervening is the police's job. Direct confrontation could result in a national news story.)
Vyger4 years ago
Just a fun thought, probably a lot of reasons why it would not be possible, But --- If you could get a skunk (or better a couple of skunks) and keep it in a cage within spray range of your artists they might decide not to hang around there.
I apparently have one hibernating under a storage building and judging from the smell, it woke up and hosed things down. It is so strong I can't be in the building for more than a few minutes with out my eyes burning.

Most people give them a wide space.
Natures own vandal repellent.
The neighbors would probably complain, but it would definitely get attention.
can you mount a camera somewhere to video who is doing it or what time?

Or put up a sign, "while you were _______ up my fence i was ______ on your mom."
Nate Cougill (author)  thematthatter4 years ago
I think you're onto something. What if I put chalkboard paint up and make mad libs? Hi, my name is _______ representing this gang/crew:_______ and I'm _______er than ________!