Arduino Metal Detector[HOW TO]?

Hello. I LOVE treasure hunting, but I don't have enough money to buy a metal detector.. Yesterday I bought an Arduino Duemilanove on ebay, the only thing I know is taht its an Atmega 328. Does anyone have any tutorial on how to build it? Please don't give me schematics because I have a bad time reading them, as I'm a mechanic not an electrician. So, I need a tutorial that explains the circuit and the code too. I know I ask much but I really want this metal detector really bad..

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MattyBoiM2 years ago

I was wondering if you could send a picture of how you build this?




i shall be very thankful.....

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fakoua3 years ago
dsirotic (author)  fakoua3 years ago

I already saw this but i don't know how to build it.. I really have NO knowledge in electronics in general.. I can download the code, upload it to the arduino and build the search coil, but the rest is unknown to me.. a schematic won't help me much, as i don't know how to read that either.. using a breadboard is out of sight, but i can connect all the electronics together and solder them if you the owner of the video would tell me how and what electronics..

fakoua dsirotic3 years ago


Check the simplified circuit:



Could you please review your diagram, I think you are missing a couple of connections ( and maybe one of the resistances is wrong).

I'm also trying to build the metal detector with limited success, and I would like to try your design.


iceng3 years ago

Have a look at this web site shows how to make a metal detector.

iceng iceng3 years ago

And this one !

iceng iceng3 years ago

Like I said before the bigger coil diameter the deeper the the detect ability.

On dual coil the linear separation determines depth.

iceng iceng3 years ago

A very simple circuit below but it does use an IC integrated circuit.

sf49ers3 years ago

Really you don't need an Ardruino to make a metal detector, I made my metal detector by getting a small, handheld radio and a calculator. First you turn on the radio to AM and find a station with just static and then you turn on the calculator and tape it to the back of the radio. When it detects metal the static should get louder.

dsirotic (author)  sf49ers3 years ago

Yeah I saw something like that on google, but what depth does it have? Can I actually use it for treasure hunting? I would need around 50cm depth..

I don't know about depth...I just saw this on the show Curious George. LOL!

iceng3 years ago

How does a metal detector work ?

1] Generate a magnetic pulse controlling amplitude and width maybe rise and fall timing in an air coil whose diameter determines distance.

2] Measure the echo on a second coil and time the reaction amplitude, width and possibly shape.

3] Compare the returned pulse to a nothing but ambient environment reference return.

4] Each primary metal alters the magnetic pulse differently

5] A uP can change pulse amplitude and duration. Short pulses are affected more by non-ferric metals with target metal conductivity affecting the reflected amplitude.

6] Water and dissolved salts in the ground affect the return pulses.

7] A low power analog microcontroller can perform this function eloquently.. Even a simple Atmega with an ADC and a DAC can make a working metal detector.

8] Software is developed by trial and error.


Kiteman3 years ago

As far as I know, metal detectors aren't programmed, they are tuned, like radios.

Do a search for "metal detector" in the box at the top-right, and you'll see what I mean.