Are there any 5 star instructables?

The highest rated I've seen is 4.57

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Jayefuu8 years ago
Click on explore then organise by rating. That will show the highest rated ible. =)

From doing this I saw that the current highest rated ible is 4.77

As jay says - its 4.77. Trouble is with the rating system is it's averaged against a pool of defaulted '3' ratings, meaning that 20 5 star votes will only get it up near 5, not to 5. By that point, theres bound to be a troll or two who votes it down once or twice - and it ends up with a near perfect 4.something score.
Lowney frollard8 years ago
Actually someone rated that down it's now this one
Lowney Lowney8 years ago
DJ Radio8 years ago
The rating system makes it impossible for an ible to hit 5 stars.
The One and Only (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
I think that's for the best probably. Look at YouTube, so many are 5 stars at least here they make it a bit fairer/diverse
All my videos have 5 star ratings on youtube.
Well that's youtube.