Best way to wire four 12V LED light strips to a 24V power source?

It's been over 20 years since I took an electronics class, so I'd be grateful if I could get some help with this.  I'm trying to figure out if four ready-made 12V LED light strips can be wired to work with a 24V power source (two 12V 8Ah SLA batteries wired in series) without damaging anything.

I want to add lights to a bike party sound system I made from an Instructable (diagram below).  Can I just wire the LED strips in parallel and wire then just wire that in parallel with the mixer?  Or is there a more efficient/safer way of doing it?

Here's a pic of the ready-made 12V LED (12 LEDs / Red / 115mm strip length)

There are a couple of ways of doing this, the best way needs a bit of research : Which item takes most juice ? Presumably the amp ?

Wire the LEDs in parallel across the battery that gets LEAST load. Even loading of the batteries will increase their life considerably.

If the load is even, wire the LEDs in two parallel strings of two strips.