Can Someone help me to program an arduino uno?

I have an arduino uno and i wired a 3x3 led matrix to it. I really have no idea how to make any code for it to light up in any pattern or anything. I have the cathodes connected to pins 3,5,6. and the anodes connected to pins 9,10,11. Can anyone help show me a link or something that explains how to program it, or give me a sample code to use? thanks

ejjenkins5 years ago
There is an excellent example at:

written by Andrew Tuline.

Don't forget to use the resistors.
texpert (author)  ejjenkins5 years ago
i found this link in my original search but when i upload it to my arduino, the whole matrix lights up and stays lit, no pattern or change, any suggestions?
Do you have your setup wired the same as the schematics?
texpert (author)  ejjenkins5 years ago
I believe I do. I'm still pretty new to this. I have all the cathodes in each row connected to their own pin and all the abodes in a row connected to their own pin.