Could I make a mini RC plane from a broken micro heli?

Hi Everyone My name is Si Thu Zaw from Myanmar so please forgive me if I made mistakes in English.I had a micro RC heli.But now,the main rotor is broken.I'm planning to make a mini rc plane from the electronics.Is it possible?

Re-design8 years ago
If the everything else still works it might be possible. Your heli. probably did not have any servos so your plane will only have speed control unless you figure out how to add a servo. If you copter is 2 channel the that might be possible. Some of the first r/c planes only had speed control and the vert tail was set permanently to circle. High speed and the plane would rise, med. speed and the plane would stay level and low speed and the plane would lower. Look for inst. on R/C planes and google so you know more about what needs to be done. Good luck.
rickharris8 years ago
Possibly but not a very good one.
weirdo628 years ago
yeah what Re-Design said rofl