Custom sweatshirt retailers?

So I've come up with a sweet idea for sweatshirts for the Deutsch Klub at my school, but the only problem is that the diamond pattern is a bit expensive. Apparently the local retailer that the club usually gets it's sweatshirts from doesn't have a machine capable of printing the pattern over the entire shirt, as I understand it. Or it just costs too much. But anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows of an online retailer that I could get that pattern from (or a similar one at least) for fairly cheap. Thanks in advance.

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jeff-o8 years ago
Your best bet is to find the fabric (from an online fabric store) and have someone with sewing skills custom-sew them for you (say, someone's mom?). You'll need a hoodie pattern too.
RelaxedSoup (author)  jeff-o8 years ago
Well, I doubt anyone is going to want to sew ~75 hoodies :). But I suppose I could ask the local retailer if they could sew the sweatshirts from provided fabric... I'll have to do that on Monday though (teacher in-service = 4 day weekend for me). In the meantime I'll keep looking around.
Wow, big order. But yeah, first step will be finding that fabric!