DIY, AC to DC Converter, Variable 0-60vDC, variable 0-10A : is this possible and done with shoestring budget?


I've been experimenting with Electrolysis and have reached the end of what I can do with a couple of car batteries and a car battery charger.

I would like to build a AC to DC converter (as I can't find anything built with the options I want).

I believe the sweet spot I am headed for is 52 Volts and 1.5 -3 Amps.

I would like to have variable voltage output from 0-60 Volts and variable Amperage output of 0-10 Amps.

Is this something than can be put together on a hobbyist's budget?

Thanks In advance!

Re-design5 years ago
You need to find a big 120 volt to 60 volt step down transformer. Add a dimmer switch to the 120 side and a rect. bridge to the 60 volt side.  Now you have a 0 to 60 volt dc power supply.


Find a powerstat or variable transfomer (lots on Ebay) and add a rect. bridge to that.

But be aware the either one of them has the power to KILL you or anyone who may touch the wrong thing.
The second option is lethal. They are not mains isolated !!

The first method is safe(r)

He could add an isolation transformer to the second one but that would just add more money. but it would be safer.
Phase control's the way to go, but transformers not rated for it will typically give half or less of the rated VA.