DIY Lighting / diffusion solution to get the most even lighting for 18"X24" ultra-thin and portable light panel?

I'm building a thin and portable, 18"X24" lightbox that needs to have super-evenly diffused light: as if it was a flat panel lcd (which I would use had I the money, though it's heavier than I would like). What technique do you suggest I use? Will CCFL or led lights along the sides of white plexiglass work? If so does anyone have an idea how to aquire & assemble them (I've seen tutorials for laptop sized panels but not for one this large- don't know if the light will reach the central area of the panel) Or should I just use led strips along the bottom and sides of the box under the diffuser? If so how do you suggest I spread them? Thanks!

Halvorson8 years ago
Use an electro luminescent light panel. Very thin, like a sheet of paper. Can be made as bright as you want. Needs AC current to work, but can be made battery portable.
comodore8 years ago
You can use hot glue, that diffuses the light pretty evenly...
caitlinsdad8 years ago

You can read some of the suggestions in the comments. Good luck.