DIY Mosquito Dunk? Is there a safe way to keep mosquito larve from growing in standing water under my house plant?

I'm hoping the member geniuses can give me a method of making a home made mosquito dunk, or suggest safe additives that will prevent mosquito larvae from utilizing the standing water surrounding my water-loving taro plant as a nursery. Thank you for your brain power and suggestions.

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Kiteman8 years ago
Mosquito larvae breath through their tails, piercing the surface. Add a few drops of oil - vegetable oil, mineral oil, engine oil - and you seal the larvae off from the air.
ivyplant (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Thank you, Kiteman! I just knew there had to be a simple inexpensive solution to my itchy, annoying problem. It may not seem like much, but you have helped me enormously. Now I can once again leave the door open to give my dogs the freedom of the yard without being eaten alive. My carpets and I thank you! The Cosmos will reward you. I am forever in your debt.
You're welcome!
diydude8 years ago
What makes sense to me is to put a cloth over the open tank, maybe something like that faux silk stuff. Anything with a tight knit, high thread count cloth should work well. That should keep any bug out of there.
  • In the same vein as Kiteman, you can deny them access to air by adding dish detergent (or any kind of soap). This prevents them from making use of surface tension.
  • You could also add some guppies or other hardy and quickly-reproducing fish to the water. They may not eat all the larvae, but should keep them under control.
  • Simplest of all- put a cover over the water, perhaps plastic wrap or a stocking. Mosquito larvae are extremely hard to kill. It is better to prevent the adult mosquito from entering in the first place.
ivyplant (author)  NobodyInParticular8 years ago
Thank you for your answer. I like the dish detergent idea as an alternative to oil. Options make one rich, greatly appreciated.
Well, it's a bacterial, not a chemical pesticide. I would suggest that it might be possible to culture your own Bti, but that requires a skills-set which I do not possess. I have a vague idea on how to culture said bacteria, but I have no clue how to do it safely and effectively. Adding mosquito-eating fish is a good solution too... but not AS effective.