Do printer ink refill kits give the same kind of print quality as the manufactures packaged ink?

Do printer ink refill kits give the same kind of print quality as the manufactures packaged ink?

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Well you almost always lose something... even with the best kits. Usually there's a slight difference in color. Other times the ink will be too runny, smear, spatter, clog, etc... but these symptoms usually come from poor maintenance or really cheap ink. In any case, if you follow the instructions to the letter and do the job carefully it's a very easy way to save money. I even sometimes see junk generic inks at a dollar store ($1 for each color, 4oz each). If you don't mind sacrificing a little bit of quality, you keep refilling your ink . If you buy quality inks, matched to your printer, you probably won't even notice a change. If you're really lucky, like myself, you might even notice a slight improvement! My prints used to have a bit too much of a blue tint to them... now they're much stronger and more vibrant with a pretty good balance of color. I think it's a switch to pigmented black ink that I have to thank. Woohoo!
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I have a HP Photosmart C8180 and what I'm looking for is a Continuous ink system. It might not clog as much if it's continuous feed. What do you think?

Here is what I'm looking at getting.

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I bought this (well one like it) and so far so good! I can't tell any difference at all. Even with photos it looks good.
Well to be honest, it still uses the same print head, so the clogging is going to be about the same. Still, good ink and regular maintenance will solve that. I think the system you're looking at is a very good deal. I'm not too familiar with that printer, so I can't really comment on how easy the install is going to be. Looks straightforward, however. Anyway, I always look at the cost. This whole kit, including the first full tank of ink, costs roughly $55? How does that compare to the cost of a set of ink cartridges from the store? I'll bet it's roughly the same, but you get a lot more printing out of the CIS, and it'll save you a lot of money in the future when you start buying just the ink. It's certainly worth trying.
Have you ever used the machines that some stores have?
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No I haven't have you? Any luck?
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I just want to add that my printer has been printing almost better then ever. However the paper just out of the printer has a slight fried chicken smell. Weird huh? Chicken scented ink? Me thinks so.
I've been refilling 2 Canon MP830s with MSI ink from InkSupply.com for awhile now with nice results. I have plugged up the printhead before but have had no problems since I got the chip reseter. This allows me to use the ink level measuring system so I never run a cartridge dry, that's what causes the problems. I have refilled the same set
of cartridges at lease 5 times now.

I find that having 2 sets of cartridges works the best so that you are not leaving the print head uncovered when refilling and so the ink has plenty of time to saturate the sponge after you fill it.
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Consumer Reports says no. The wastage you end up with from clogged jets or from reprinting poor pages turns out to offset the saving on refills. However, as with any quantitative economic statement, your mileage may vary.