Does anyone know how to make indian clubs?


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therma8 years ago
Here's how you can make your own DIY Indian Clubs; not as good as the real Clubbell, but a start
Oh, Andy! (author)  therma8 years ago
this was just what i was looking for. thanks!
haah you should explain more cause people could take this question in a couple directions
Oh, Andy! (author)  cerberustugowar8 years ago
my bad. what I ment is how to make indian swinging clubs ( also called persian swinging clubs). they're for working out
frollard8 years ago
Traditionally they're made of wood, for exercise weighing a few pounds "up to 50".

They're shaped somewhat like bowling pins - which leads me to believe they are turned on a lathe.

If you're interested in juggling clubs, then is an AWESOME resource.