Ginger Beer not working?

Hey all,
i have a ginger beer that i made.
first ferment:
Ginger, Sugar, water.
then i split & filtered into 2 separate containers
#1 added 500g honey, 500g sugar, & 1pkt yeast  (1080 SG)
#2 added 850g Golden Syrup, 500g Sugar & 1pkt yeast. (1095 SG)
both are airtight and have new airlocks and tubs have been sterilized. 
the first one is working fine.
the second one however looks like it is "eating" the yeast

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lizzyastro7 years ago
You might have too much sugar in the second one. Remember sugar is used as a preservative - think jams & jellies for spreading on bread.

furby (author)  lizzyastro7 years ago
that's what I'm thinking too.
I'm thinking about "dumping' #2 into #1 and trying to find a cask or similar.
furby (author)  furby7 years ago
went to my LHBS and asked. the alcohol cont is what probably killed it.
gonna blend #1 & #2 together and chuck into a Jerry can with some champagne yeast it will either be:
a: ungodly amazing the best beer ever created.
b: ungodly amazing liquid fertilizer that make strawberries the size a 747
c: the Holy Grail of rocket fuel.
d: something the US military or Taliban would be interested in.

I'm betting on d.
How is it going - exploded across the kitchen yet?
furby (author)  lizzyastro7 years ago
not yet.
still sitting in one of my "little" fermenters with an airlock. no boom yet.
BUT to get to the kitchen it would have to go through 2 walls and a cupboard first.