How to operate this camera?


I got something to show! Just see the pictures below it's an camera. My friend got its form a bus i think it's a security camera. He just snatched it out from the bus cause it's wires was disconnected from the bus. Then he gave it to me but i can't figure out the way i can use it so i thought of asking you people first before taking any action. this camera has three wires out two are power cables with 12 volts DC input and  one  "VO"  wire is also there it's yellow in color i think it's video out but i don't know where to connect it. Can any one give me the simplest way for connecting it to my T.V ? OR ANY OTHER WAY ?

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frollard4 years ago
That's 12 volts and zero volts (red and black) then vo = video out. Probably composite video that you hook up to the center pin of a composite video jack, which would hook directly up to a TV. The outer shell of the composite rca jack would be ground.

ao is audio out, likewise, to the inner pin of the red or white rca jack, common ground on the outside jack.

Addendum: Regardless of whether it was hooked up, if your friend doesn't own that bus, he should return it.
samaddon (author)  frollard4 years ago
Ok! first the bus was scrap and eating rust in the junk yard so no one bothers who takes it!
First for the ""AO"" there is no condenser mic. The mic is absent as you can see that circle . and if i may hook up the mic in it but still there are some diodes absent below the front side of the plate and they all are smd so i need not to make some changes cause it's a fragile thing!. And if i will hook it up in a T.V's video in put i can't get where there are two types of input one is RF and one is digital AV mode input. If i will connect it to DIGITAL audio video mode then i only have on yellow wire but the input is supposed to be having two wires ground and one yellow wire. So my question is what will go as the ground in the AV input into the T.V ?
yes, so there is no audio.

ao is just on the silkscreen to show where the wire would connect. add a mic and see what happens.
samaddon (author)  frollard4 years ago
OK! what to do with the video input's ground?
ground is ground is ground is ground.

they are all the same, it's the negative wire on the battery, as I explained in the first post.

VO is video +, gnd is video -.
samaddon (author)  frollard4 years ago
Hey! it worked it's an HD camera it's quality is far more better than my PC's webcam but now i want to connect it to my PC cause i found three more ports on it i am sending the image they are named as GND , SDA , SCL for what purpose these three port are given for?
At last thank's for your help!
SDA and SCL are serial data and serial clock - it will be for configuring the camera...not something you would normally deal with as an end user - it's for the people in the factory.
samaddon (author)  frollard4 years ago
is there any other way to connect it to my PC ?
You can get a usb rca video capture device - but there is no 'usb' connection on a camera like this - it's designed to go directly to a capture device.

something like this
samaddon (author)  frollard4 years ago
You rock! buddy! the link you provided was the best solution to my problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad it helped, don't forget to mark the question answered if you were satisfied with the info :D
samaddon (author)  frollard4 years ago
Thanks it worked !
it works great! It's beyond my expectations it's and HD camera!
but it only works on T.V but i want to use it on my PC's web cam cause i found three more ports on it had uploaded it's picture see it!
And thanks for the help!