How can I make an LED hula hoop with an LED strip?

I have an LED strip like this with the same cords and the strip itself plugs into the little cord on the white box which plugs into the black one and then into the wall. The LED strip already fits into the hoops I have, it's just way too long and has all the cords and things so I'm wondering how I can make it shorter and make it powered by a battery that would also be in the hoop. Typically LED hoops are made either really simple with one LED light every few inches and charged by a batter or they're "smart" hoops with a whole strip and basically a computer inside it where you can change the patterns and and colors and everything. Here's a link to some. I'm looking to make something in between the two that uses a basic LED strip that can change colors or stay on one color. And I clearly have zero knowledge on how to build these things in the first place, so I'm looking to learn the basics of how this could work, if at all. 

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iceng2 years ago

The hard expensive work is distributing the weights of batteries and components.

iceng iceng2 years ago

Distributing everything Evenly by Weight throughout the hoop.

I'm kind of imagining a magnet whizzing round inside a coil, inside the hula-hoop......I'd like to meet someone who could spin one at mains frequency though....

++ A very neat idea !

Wear a vertical strip of magnets in a belt and embedded coils in the hoop, which will cut flux lines and generate the electrical energy as the hoop touches the body and rolls as a moving contact point.

Weighting the components is one thing, Powering it is another...

Those led's inside this hoop is designed for short term use, when ran off a battery; They won't last long on battery power. They may last for a little bit because they are Single Led's instead of led strips (looks like your example uses 15 led's per M) The reason they seem to be so Bright is because the Photo was taken with an Exceptionally long exposure time (Like what is used in light Writing)

You can Totally build this with some Lipo's; Just don't expect it to last long *or just be prepared to change the battery ;)

You can actually use that same LED strip but you must hook it up to a Microcontroller, like Arduino and power it up with a Battery..but that requires enough skill..

that LED strip is programmable and requires power from the wall.. I suggest you use another type of LED strip, the one that is not programmable, and power it with a 9Volt or 12Volt battery. That way, it will be easy enough for you..I hope I was Able to help