How can i get biro pen ink out of clothes?

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gtytler5 years ago
first spray hair spray on to it
next use a stain remover liquid
then put it in the wash
if it does not work do all the steps again
hope it helped :D
lizzyastro7 years ago
Spray with hairspray directly before laundering.

farzadbayan7 years ago
For clean the pen ink , use milk .

Put the inky section in to the milk for 5 minute . Then wash it with water . The ink vanish really !

Also for save money you can use sour milk .
If your ink don't get vanish , try this work again . Your cloth get clean finally .
rickharris7 years ago
methylated spirits (denatured alcohol) will dissolve most biro inks. As for dry board markers! Don't ask!.
Yes, my experience is that meths shifts it too.
lemonie7 years ago
Rub a good detergent into the stain, like Fairy Liquid or laundry-liquid, wash it.Then try bleaching.

Burf7 years ago
I went all the way through high school and college without spoiling a single shirt with ink stains.
I got married and my wife made me quit using nerd packs. I began ruining shirts with monotonous regularity.
I have tried everything including acetone, lacquer thinner, denatured alcohol, club soda and commercial ink stain removers. Nothing worked very well, the stain never completely disappeared.
Get yourself a nerd pack and wear the ink stained clothes when you have some dirty work to do.
frollard7 years ago
Generally, ink companies put lots and lots of effort into making sure their ink DOESN'T come out. Most cases these days you're stuck with it. If its bleach safe, try that, otherwise you're probably screwed.