How do I keep my cat from pooping on my bed?

I moved into a new apt about 5mo ago and my cat, Oliver, has begun pooping on my bed! I know it's stress related due to moving and being away from his sister Chloe (who now lives with my parents as she peed on everything). He doesn't do it all the time, maybe 2 times a week. If anyone knows what would make him feel more comfortable using his litter box PLEASE let me know.

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amitra11 year ago

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tinker2346 years ago
why not try getting up and taking the cat when they have to go usally theyll let you know just show them where it is i do that with my kitten olvie and it works wonders
gcrdcn8 years ago
This may stop the behavior, but it may be a medical problem.
charine138 years ago
these are all good answers, especially getting the smell out. your cat is stressed and that is the cause, and losing his companion... but you cant take him to a cat shrink so try and catch him in the act when u do make it clear hes in the wrong and you are displeased. then isolate him in a room/with his litter box and food/water when u cannot keep an eye on him for about a week, dont leave him in there for a whole week, but, when you are not home or asleep or cant watch him put him in there, then eventually ween him out of the room. I did this and it worked, the cat knew he lost and hasnt pooped or peed on my couch since
AlphaG33k8 years ago
If you haven't done so already, make sure you clean at least the spot where he "went" with an enzyme-based cleaner that will get the scent out. Even if YOU can't smell it, HE probably still can, so he'll keep going back to that spot periodically. I had one new kitty here have an accident, and even though I washed where he had the accident, the next new kitty went there also! As soon as I used the enzyme-based cleaner on that spot and washed the item again, of course, the problem has never happened again. Assuming he's doing it when you're NOT in your bed, you could also try putting his food on or near his usual spot since kitties don't like to do their business right near their food. Hopefully, this is no longer an issue.
ChrysN8 years ago
Make sure that your cat is comfortable using the litter box, is it in a good location, does he have privacy, is it in a noisy or high traffic area, is the box okay, is it big enough for him, does he like the cat litter (they can be fussy about that). If that's okay, and he is just acting out, give him enough attention, play with him, talk to him etc. You can also keep him out of your bedroom, cover the bed with a texture that cats don't like walking on ( I think tin foil works -though I'm sure a tin foil bedspread would look lovely), or use a deterrent spray.
ChrysN ChrysN8 years ago
I should also add that you should consider checking him out at a vet. If he is experiencing pain during elimination, he may associate the pain with the litter box, so he would do it elsewhere. My cat is usually fastidious about using the litter box, then he suddenly started urinating on the carpets throughout the house, I eventually noticed that his urine had blood in it (I would never have noticed if he had used the litter box). When I took him to the vet he had a bladder infection, due to bladder crystals(like kidney stones I guess).