How do I make a life like sculpture of a child out of cement or fiberglass or fiberglass cement to be set outdoors?

I was thinking of somehow doing the tape mold of a child then covering it in cement slurry or fiberglass cement.  Ideas?  

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Duct Tape Double !
rickharris6 years ago
Find or borrow a child mannequin - putting sticky tape on a child isn't going to be easy and may even be illegal!!
I beg to differ

Alright, the head might be tricky....
But it would keep the little beggar quiet...
David976 years ago
Try making it out of polystyrene first and then covering it with fiber gass. You then and either (after drying).
leave one end open and hollow it out.
Cut it in half hollow it out. Glue back togeather.
Or leave it in there.
lemonie6 years ago

You'd do better with wire, and cover that in glass-fabric & resin.
E.g. Super_Lamb_Banana