How do you manually erase data from a microchip?

What will happen to a microchip if I short out all the pins together?  It is not in a working circuit, I just want to delete the data on it.  I really don't know how or want to connect it to a computer so somebody please help!

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No device I can think of is erased just by shorting its pins.

Though running a current beyond the chip's rating through it may let the Magic Smoke out. On the other hand, that's really the same answer as "hit it with a hammer.".
But hitting it with a hammer won't release the magic smoke. It just frightens the magic smoke into stunned inaction.
lemonie7 years ago
What microchip? If it's hard in the the silicon you can't without destroying it.
If it's soft, shorting the pins won't do it.
What is it?

Slowpoke7 years ago
What type of chip is it? The printed numbers & letters on the chip will help identify it.
Shorting out the leads on an unpowered chip will do nothing at all to it. I've never found any programmable chip that can be erased by this method.