How much does a 1/4 Pro membership cost?

need a reciept for Pro membership for 1/4 year

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canucksgirl5 years ago
Pro Membership costs 39.95 for 2 years OR 1.95 per month (billed annually). So... 1.95 X 3 = $5.85 You can pay with a credit card, amazon payments, pay pal, or mobile payments. SIGNUP HERE.

The other way to get Pro Membership for FREE is to write a good instructable that gets "featured" and you'll be given pro as a reward.

To learn how to write a good instructable read this article.

Three-month memberships are rewards from the site, usually for writing a great project that impresses the Community Team enough to earn a "feature" (they are also awarded for other things, like writing a really useful bug report).

Some "time served" members have also given 3 month codes away as prizes in unofficial contests in the forums.

If you're strapped for cash (and who isn't, these days?), or too young to have your own accounts you can use online, then writing a good instructable is your best option for going "pro". Some productive members have several years' worth of codes saved up from projects being featured.
i was just featured, then made front page, should i wait till the 3 months is up, or if i activate the year one, do they stack?
What Canucksgirl said, plus; Congratulations!
(darn my impoliteness...) Congrats Terranan!
Thanks guys. :) not bad for my first 'ible, huh?
Very nice ible too! - I just took a look. Nice job. ;-)
It doesn't matter. If you activate another membership now, it will get added to your "Pro Membership" Tab area of your Profile Page, and is listed as an "Upcoming Membership" (meaning you've activated it but it has not started). So if you activate it now, it'll automatically start when the current one ends. However, you can wait and activate it whenever you want. ;-)
thank you!
You're welcome!
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