How to built a blimp?

Hello, I want to built an indoor blimp. I plan to use 3 motors one them will be back side and the others will be the right side and the left side of it. I m going to use servo motors for the right and the left side whereas a brushes motor for the back side. But i cannot find suitable motors?Which motors can i use for the blimp that will lift 2 kg?

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billcorr7 years ago
Sean, consider checking out hyperblimps. (www.hyperblimp.com). The builder of these small (less than 50 feet) agile blimps might be able to help you. Best of luck.
jtobako7 years ago
At aprox 5 grams per 8" party balloon, that's a huge blimp...
ANDY!7 years ago
If I where you, I would just get a small RC plane, take the wings off, and tape a balloon onto it. 2 kg is way too much unless you are rich and have a VERY big space.
rickharris7 years ago
" KG? This is going to be one BIG Blimp - do the maths and find out the size to lift that sort of weight. first. Most indoor only lift gramms
Tombini7 years ago
Does it weigh 2 kg after the buoyant gasses or after? Lifting 2kg with any small electric motor is hard and will require a heavy battery as well. Your best bet is to make the gas compartment bigger and fill it with a larger volume of gas.