How to deodorize a vacuum cleaner with dog stink?


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Z..6 years ago
1) First get some dog stink.
2) Then deodorize the vacuum with it.

LKRowell Z..6 years ago
That really cracked me up. You funny
You could simply stuff a couple of those dryer sheets in before using or go with Burf's answer about febreeze, that'd likely work...

Once we vacuumed up a bunch of spices, the jars had fallen, though the combination was pungent a little bit thrown in might work...
Re-design6 years ago
To prevent it from happening again change the bag often.  We use a bagless vac. just so we can empty it every time.

And give that stinky dog a bath occasionally.  That will really help things alot.
Gorfram6 years ago
If Burf's answer doesn't do it, try wiping down all wipe-downable parts of the vaccum with a deodorizing cleaner; Febrezing all non-wipe-downable parts of the vacuum cleaner; and then putting in yet another new bag, sprinking some non-stinky section of carpet with baking soda (or spraying it with Febreze), and then vacuuming it up. 
Repeat  odor is gone or you're sick of it, whichever comes first.

As a second-to-last resort, try taking it to a Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop and having them clean it and replace the belts & etc. (warn them about the dog stink first).

As a truly last resort, buy a new vacuum cleaner.
(Think about it: if it takes 10 bottles of Febreze @ $10/bottle, that's $100 towards an new vacuum cleaner.)
(If you go this way, maybe you could donate the stinky one to your local animal shelter?)

Burf6 years ago
Get rid of the old bag, spray a new bag with Febreze but don't saturate the paper. Let it dry and vacuum as usual. Do this every time you put in a new bag.