How to increase amps?

I heard ampere could be increased by capacitor. If true then how to do it???

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petercd2 years ago

what kind of amps?

ac or dc?

simba1 (author)  petercd2 years ago


petercd simba12 years ago

connect 2 in paralell

iceng2 years ago

What equipment or things would you like to increase amps ?

Then there might be a way to increase current (amps) that you can easily do.

simba1 (author)  iceng2 years ago

A 9 volt battery

There should be a dial labeled "current". Turn that dial clockwise to get MOAR amps. ;-P

Vyger2 years ago

get a bigger battery

kelseymh Vyger2 years ago

"You're gonna need a bigger boat."

-max-2 years ago

verence2 years ago

Increase the voltage and/or decrease the resistance.

-max-2 years ago

By increasing volts or lowering ohms.