How to make a cord with a headphone jack on each end?

I would like to know how to make one of those cords that has a headphone jack on each. the ones that you can plug into an mp3 player and then into another head phone input? Thanks for the help!

randomhat8 years ago
They're called audio extender cables.
PitStoP8 years ago
If you dont have any old headphones try the dollar stores.. or maybe the flea market..
Chicken22098 years ago
I think the best way of doing this is by buying a female jack splitter where there are three plugs, one male, two female, then change one of the female ends You might be able to buy these, in case you'd rather buy than make. Check places like RadioShack or Guitar stores. I get all my stuff from my local guitar store, they just have endless supplies of adapters and splitters on the wall
goodgnus8 years ago
You can pick them up online for a few bucks if you don't want to make one. Otherwise find two pairs of junk headphones and cut the wires off both, strip and splice together so the tip matches tip and barrel matches barrel (use a multimeter with continuity test). All set!