How to move plate in front of window with arduino?

I would like to be able to move a plate in front of a window in a door to prevent light from coming in at night. I don't know how to attach the plate onto the door in such a way that it can be moved with the use of a servo/motor controlled by the arduino. I would also like to know where how I could mount the servo/motor and connect it to the arduino, would I need a motor shield or something similar or would the arduino on its own be fine to control it? Thanks in advance for any help!

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mh76dk3 years ago

If you can live with a low-tech solution (that is, if covering the light is more important than building the movable plate) you could get yourself some "blackout curtain".

piefert (author)  mh76dk3 years ago

Thanks for your reply! That is indeed a good solution to the problem, I do still want to make an automated system though, so I can finally make use of my arduino ;). A curtain might also be used for this.

mh76dk piefert3 years ago
I think searching the web (or even instructables) you can find some automated curtain systems to get inspiration from. I have previously used such curtains in a bedroom (not automated), and as far as I was concerned it blocked light 100%

I do however like the idea of using a bulletin board to cover it with, a place to leave notes is always nice - but i think it will be relatively heavy on the door compared to a curtain. But I am a cynic, so don't let me stop you from trying :-)

piefert (author)  mh76dk3 years ago

I have now decided to buy an IKEA roller blind and put it on my door. It'll look great and I can later on still decide to modify it to my liking with an arduino ^^. Thanks alot, this'll be sweet

mh76dk piefert3 years ago

Roller-type didnt even occur to me, great idea.