I Mded my gun and my cocking mechanism was screwed up. BTW: I have the Nerf Dart Tag Blaster. (10 Shot) Can Anyone help?

 The part of the gun that you pull back falls if I move the gun.

Ben Mighall6 years ago
Happened to me too. There is a spring that you have to attach the metal leg inside the handle to and then attach the metal leg back into its slot. It takes a bit of fuss, but its worth it. Hope this helps.
inacorner7 years ago
you must not have put the screws back in for it to fall off
Nerfgenius8 years ago
If you could post a picture, I could probably tell you what is wrong.
johnnywgk8 years ago
Try that question again in English, i'm not taking the p-ss, it's just that i did'nt understand it, so many others that could help can't, because they did'nt
understand the question either. HTH.