I have a older Bmx bike with no handlebars. Anyone got any projects I can make out of it?

I found this bike in the back of my barn after it had been totally forgotten for years. It has no handlebars and a fairly rusty chain everything else seems to be in fair running condition. Any suggestions on what could be with it?

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but some handlebars on it and polish it up and BAM, you got youself a new/used bike, istead of ae of parts
TYPO: ae means pile :)
psymansays8 years ago
You could use the wheels for front or rear wheels on a huge R/C toy like this one
mclovin75968 years ago
weld together some metal for handelbars and take a leaf blower or something like that and make it a motor bike or something along those lines i made one and its fun to play around on
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
make some wooden handle bars, that would make a great instructable!