I switched from tmobile (samsung) to iphone. how do I get photos off my old sim card? I have a macbook pro.?

simp1eplan8 years ago
Because the iPhone doesn't support OBEX profile in bluetooth (the file transfer profile) you can't send photos from your samsung to your iphone. No matter how much you try, it just wont work, Apple doesn't allow it. What you should do, like bluehook said, get a Card reader and get the photos off your memory card, (or your phone, via Samsung Phone Software, or bluetooth with your mac, if your samsung supports it). Since its a mac, you should try plugging it in with iPhoto open to see if it would recognize it. I am not sure which model Samsung you have, so you would need to check your manual for that... After you get the photos with whichever method is easiest for you, you can import them into iPhoto and sync with iTunes, that should get your photos back onto your iPhone.
bluehook8 years ago
Bluetooth is easy but could take a while if you have lots of pics. If your Samsung has a memory card slot (micro SD probably) and you have a card, then insert it, copy the pics onto it and then remove the memory card, insert it into the SD adapter that it (most likely) came with and use a memory card reader to copy the images onto the macbook, using iPhoto for most straightforward method, create an Album for those images, then plug in the iPhone and check the option to sync that album, and you're away.
the macbook pro has nothing to do with it lol your pictures arnt stored on yoyur sim cARD put in a old simcard or get new free ones and send the pics over with bluetooth or something