If I sand all the paint off the body of my Electric Guitar will it just be natural wood underneath?

I recently bought a beat up Stratocaster copy. I want just a nice natural wood finish. Will it be natural wood underneath all the paint if I sand it?



Toby Robb5 years ago
Mine was, it was a horrible yellow, with lots of chips. I took most of the gear off it before I sanded it clean. It was a one piece maple body. I sealed it with just some oil, although it was a bit slippery at first. It did change the sound a bit because the body was dry initially, them the oil made it a bit wetter and denser. I'm not too good at guitar so no difference for me! Anyway it looks better than bright yellow...
gmoon5 years ago
Wood of some kind, in all probability.

Just don't expect it to be a single piece. It's probably several pieces in a composite. So they may not be "matched" pieces. If that matters...
Burf5 years ago
It should be wood but it may not be a visually aesthetic piece. It could have knotholes, patches, irregular grain and other filled imperfections.
frollard5 years ago
should be -- just recently watched a 'how stratocasters are made' video - and its a wood shell covered in a lot of paint and laquer; it may have soaked a bit deep into the wood if it was stained, so sanding it down might need to take quite a bit off.

Just make sure you seal it up afterwards. Probably best to remove the electronics and neck while you sand.