If you die in a dream, do you really die?

My friends and I are attempting to lucid dream. I don't wanna die and I'm sure my friends don't wanna die and I've heard mixed things. So is it Myth or Fact?

UPDATE: Thanks for all the answers guys!  I just realized how dumb of a question it was after reading a post that said Even if someone died in a dream and actually died they wouldn't live to tell the tale. Again thanks for the answers!

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a_person (author) 5 years ago
Well I figured I would post an update on this. Died in a dream last night. It was odd. Like when I realized that I was going to be killed it was just peaceful. And for the "death", it just faded to black and i could feel myself just floating in a dark but lit open space. As if there was a light source but nothing to reflect the light. After that, I just fell back into a deep sleep.

It was pretty awesome
lemonie7 years ago

Try it and post an instructable?
Dying maybe harder than you think (unless you really want to see what it's like? But you wouldn't because you've got no experience of dying)

Deep man.
harias7 years ago
Yes, you would die. If you already had that dream you are now a zoombie
jeff-o7 years ago
I've "died" in a dream before, and woke up soon after. So no, you won't die for realz if you die in a dream.
cottonc11 year ago
In my dream: I committed a crime -still hasn't been stated in dream- and run away from the cops. I run behind black garbage bags and when the coos pull up I duck behind them to late they see me and I run -in my first dream the shot a tazer at me I got away in my second dream they shot me with a tazer and it touch me but I woke up but the last time I dreamed about this I was tazer in the face and was in surgery and I almost died and I woke up but I fell that if I have a dream like this again I will die in my sleep
OngR2 years ago

Of course i wouldn't, if i die in a dream nothing will happen to me & everything will be fine for me but if other people would die for real as a result of that, i could be immune to it i guess!

No you will not. For the past 2 nights I have died in my dream. One just really weird and one of me commuting suicide. But I'm alive.

clashingc3 years ago

Ok, I know you have got loads of answers, but im gonna say this anyway (mawahahahaha):

I find, usually in dreams, when you are coming to your death (in a dream) you normally wake up. I have never 'died' in a dream, but i expect that you would probably just die and wake up.

peter55663 years ago

I think we are dreaming now ,right at this movement , when we die the dream will stop and all of you will go away , that will happen to all of us , if you don't believe it , wait until its your turn ,

so if i have a falling dream and if i die in the dream i will die for real but im not ready to die yet

I Just had a dream that a monster/demon type thing was taking my friends, and then came after me. I was in a bed w/ my husband getting ready to watch Brave and the person/thing came for me. It held its hand out and sucked my sole out and before it got the last bit, i told my husband i loved him, them I woke up. What does that mean? That was 2hrs ago and my heart is still hurting, like i was having an anxiety attack.
Lolizard5 years ago
At quick Overview, a lot of these seem to be experiences of when people have survived after dying in a dream. But just to play devil's advocat, we can never really know if anyone has ever died in a dream and then continued to die in reality. We cannot look into other peoples dreams and see what they were dreaming, and we cannot ask a person who died in their sleep what they were dreaming about before they died, because they are dead. So although these are many examples of survivors, i want to warn the asker to proceed with caution, because all of those who may have actually died in reality are not able to post their experiences and therefore give examples for a counter argument.
a few minuets ago i woke up from a dream that i died in from 2 injections 1 made me stop attacking calmed me down and the other one killed me and when i was killed i felt my lungs harden up and i stopped breathing i then woke up with my heart racing is this some sort of condition i actually think i died for a second or two
coolkyle9005 years ago
its happend to me twice im in my living room i stand up then my heart feels like its g squeased and then every thing goes black then i wake up out of my dream and my heart is pounding like crazy:( :( :( sorry for the bad spelling:)
beehard447 years ago
we call it in the philippines as "bangungot"
uy taga PILIPINAS KA DIN pala yes may kasama pala aku hehe diba namatay dun si MARKY CIELO???hehe
(hey your from PHILIPPINES ALSO yes so I have a companion here ey hehe i remember MARKY CIELO(a filipino actor lol) died becuz of nightmares right??? hehe
Catt1234566 years ago
how do u know what he is dreaming if he is dead?
Because it was part of the riddle?
kjames76 years ago
Well; funny thing I found this. I actually keep having dreams where I DIE and don't wake up; in fact I just keep dreaming. I don't know wheather or not it's a psychological issue; or not, but it's weird but cool at the same time.
In this last dream (I had it last night, Nov 27- Nov.28, tonight) I was stabbed in the kidney I believe and was then suffercating in my own blood. Despite me dying in the dream; I didn't even remotely wake up. So; fact or myth? It's definitely a myth.
dutado6 years ago
Think this way:
If someone dies, he won't probably talk about his last dream.

So, we can't know.
kylekosan236 years ago
well i've herd and seen on 1000 ways to die and yes you will die but it is pretty rare. it happens by well say some one is choking you in a dream you will react in real life and will choke in real life and rarely will die
dhananjay896 years ago
well u can if u r a heart patiant
slayer3006 years ago
If you die in d dream sumtin dies in you so run to the pastor
6464336 years ago
Q. If you die in a dream, do you really die?

Ans. dream --> sequence of multimedia
suppose u r the television and program is running
if i press the power off button of the remote then what happend to u?
u will be dead

if u r the content of the multimedia the television is alive even u are dead as a content

Presentteck6 years ago
I died in a dream once and am now a zombie... i mean ~
Catt1234566 years ago
I would say no, because dreams are CRAZY man. If you have like a heart attack or something, maybe that would happen, but its very unlikely.

A man had a dream that he was falling off of a cliff. Just before he hit the ground he had a heart attack and died (in real life, not the dream). What's wrong with the story?

Hints: Falling in dream, heart attack in real life
nfk116 years ago
yes,your brain or heart could give up,so yes.
bongo girl!6 years ago
if you did, i'd be dead! i've fallen of a cliff, been eaten by a bear, drowned, and one time i was making snow angles and a rabid snowman killed me! :B
You should lay off the pizza before bedtime :D
flamesami6 years ago
if you get beaten up in a dream, are you bruised when you wake up?....
on another note...if a tree falls in the forest when no-one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?...and how many angels can dance on a size 9 pinhead?....
but, if you seek the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, you should know...it is 42
I got all the references/heard all those questions except for the angels one.
"carpe jugulum" by Terry Pratchet (one of the discworl series)... a priest mentions that his order is divided about everything...whether mirrors are good or bad, even how many angels can dance on a pinhead
Well, my friend has dreamed me dead in just about every dream he tells me about, and I'd have to say I'm still alive. Last time we were all part of The Hunger Games, and he threw a pebble, it hit my shoulder, and I fell down and died. Thats not really gonna happen.
OR WILL IT ?!?!?!?!
*throws a pebble*....
I am falling Help! He-
If you wake up at the end of the dream then probably not.
iFoldpaper6 years ago
If you die in a dream, you wake up and you do not really die. Unless dieing in the dream scares you so much that you die for real.
Totally. lol
Like a heart attack
bhylak6 years ago
I was thinking of a couple of things...

You probably have died yourself. You'll never know for sure if you died, because everything just went black...

2. A Dream is just as good as thinking about yourself dying. Its just your thoughts
glitchus6 years ago
Q: "If you die in a dream, do you really die?"

A: Only in your dream...
MakingWorld6 years ago
Have you watched Inception?It is a movie about dreams. if you don't believe yourself,you can pinched your cheek to make sure you weren't still dreaming.Die in the dream means wake up in the really world. Transfer your attention,it will be better.
besides, inception has it backward. dreams don't last longer inside dreams..they're shorter. If you have ever dreamed you were dreaming you'll get it.
well, depends how you do it.
That is an amazing film
I wonder if it works the same way around, die in reality and dream or as most say go to heaven?
You can pick up to gold in your dream, in reality, you can't get it.
why don't you think your soul will go to the moon?it can be more real than heaven where we don't know.
ducktape1006 years ago
you can not really die if you die in a dream
Not usually, but I guess it is possible.
sanxsaint6 years ago
your question is really interesting to me, and some answers are great!
no you dont.you never actually die in your dream.u are either dead or going to die but you never die!!!trust me its my job 2 talk about things like this!!
BobS6 years ago
When I got the death penalty (the dream did not reveal why) by execution in a gas chamber, I tried to hold my breath.... But after a while I thought: Is there really anymore value to add another more similar 30 seconds ???

So I decided to inhale, but not before praying ' hail Mary'...

I quit catholicism 45 years ago, but obviously, in my dreams, I'm still a catholic!!!

Anyway, I woke up.....

On the other hand, after re-animation (hospital setting) of a terminal patient, he told me: I haven't slept so good in years!!!!
macmccune6 years ago
lol i always wake up right before i die...
like if im falling i wake up right before i hit the ground
Austringer6 years ago
One of the most serene days of my life began with a dream where I was in a pit fighting a bear for no particular reason that I can remember. I decided that my best plan of action was to try and get an arm around it's neck and strangle it using my forearm as a garrote. I did this, looked down, realized the hit I took on the way in was kind of significant, hence my intestines on the ground. I collapsed, and everything slowly faded to black and I exhaled on last time.

Then I woke up feeling as relaxed and refreshed as I have ever felt in my life.
earlhavel6 years ago
May try reading some of carlos casteneta's books ... could help...might hurt ya...maybe being dead is just another phase of being alive...the key here is possibly just being....
ambass0z7 years ago
I died in a dream which has reoccured. Now perhaps depending upon your personal health and the shock of a death dream and its effect on the dreamer, a potential may exist. Generally dreams do not seem to kill the dreamer
maddman7 years ago
contruary to what you may think , a dream only last 3-8 seconds , i know this sounds crazy, but it's true. even though in some dreams it may seem like it was an epic adventure which lasted forever, it was only a matter opf seconds. another crazy thing is have you ever had someone touch you or wake you up , and you were dreaming and in the dream between waking up and sleeping you thought it was something or someone else touching or talking to you. that is because the mind attempts to make sense of everything that it has to make sense of. and this alone could be the only possible reason one could die from a dream, if the mind is convinced you are dead. then ....you are dead. have you ever had a dream that you are falling from a high distance and when you wake up it feels like you fell in to the bed or on the floor next to it? this is another example of the mind being convinced of what is not true. an easy task for a dream to accomplish. since our direct concious is on shut of mode. i can sometimes be aware that i am dreaming and control what happens in my dream , but this is only from experiences in prior dreams, such as running as hard as you can and going nowhere, while what ever is chasing you is moving fast. when this happens for instance, i then know that it is a dream and at the point i usually float up into the air where whatever is chasing me cannot go . but when i do this for some odd reason. i usaully ease right out of sleep into the world of the awaken. so my general outlook is that death is possible through dreams but only if the mind is easilly convinced of authenticity.
I dont remember this in "Intro to Psych."
Please cite because you and your crazy psychology have to be guessing at how long a dream is. Grawr.
Very interesting comment though.
RGoI7 years ago
No. Your dreams are just adrug induced hallucination that acts as a mechanich for helping you sort through your problemx in the real world. You can do any thing you can do in real life. This includes reading, opening doors, dying,jumping, playing an instrument, feel pain, taste, etc. You will wake up and it. will be delegated to a fast fading memory.
vaberon7 years ago
inception :DD:D:D:D
AkKrock7 years ago
No you don't die...
I didn't. =)
KNEXTeam7 years ago
If you died in a dream, iits probably because you were watching or playing video games of the content of 13 years or older because of all the violence, shooting, and dying. And possibly you must of ate too many snacks, candy and/or unhealthy beverages which made you have the bad dream. But no you don't die because it was just something you imagine in your head while you're sleeping it doesn't mean you actually die in real life because it didn't happen in real life it only happened in your imagination.
thepelton7 years ago
If you died in a dream you wouldn't be around to find out if you had. Go ask Alice... I think she'll know.
its very slim but dreams are just your mind taking past experiences and information and mixing it all together , but there are some cases of dreams showing you tramatic or important events
its impossible to die in a dream, because death is incomprehendable to the human mind, because it can only occure onc, and in the lucky cases where you might die multiple times, you would never remember diyng upon revival, and so, its impossible to die in a dream, in the even you do die in a dream, you are awoken by a sudden adrenalin rush, because youve experienced beyond your worst comprehendable nightmare, which is dying, because the worst possible thing which can happen is death, so defaulty you fear it the most.
anyway, you always wake up because of the adrenalin rush, which causes your body to go in over drive, you sweat, are panting, because adrenalin allowing your body to absorb oxygen alot faster, which in tun means that your slow breathing rate whilst aslepp is not adeqet for you to survive meaning you wake up out of breath , because your not getting enough air, and sleep requires a relatively low oxygen concentration in your blood.

although, keep in mind, people who have heart conditions and will die if their heart rate rises by 40, like old people with colesterol, if they ever get a burst of adrenalin, then they will wake up and get a heart attack and die.

so the answer is yes, if you die in a dream you die for real, only this only applies if by diying you mean receiving a massive shock causing an adrenalin rush, which in turn gives you a heart attack or some othe rpart of your body to cause death. also, if you dont take that big gasp of air when you wake up, your blood co2 level will be so great that youll pass out and die indefinately, because you must be awake to be able to take in the oxygen you need. so once agaion, it very well is possible to die in a dream.
niceribs7 years ago
No you do not die, although you might wake up dead.....
If you wake up dead, does that make you a zombie?
Eye Poker7 years ago
It's common knowledge that if you die in your dreams you will die! So DON'T SLEEP! It's very dangerous!
have u been watching inception
jayantr7 years ago
Not always.... His is one of the base stuff on what the Movie Inception is based.
TheIronHobo7 years ago
Drowned twice
fell 8 storys 8 times
been shot...by Herbert the pervert!
attacked and eaten by a box with cat eyes
jumped into a mouth of a giant scary muppet (TO PROVE A POINT)!
eaten by crocodile twice in a swimming pool
Eaten by shark
attacked by my family who turned into F$#CKIN vampires outside mcdonalds!
Attacked by zombies a bigillion times
Dreams are not easy to control and you will die multiple times in your attempts
GUARANTEED. But do it is a a great skill to develop and you will kill some of those zombies, fly and not fall, tame the boxes with cat eyes, and not be shot by family guy characters, and rescue the girl.
freelife5717 years ago
Well,if you die in a dream, you just wake up...?
Lucid dreaming is stupid. Do not do it.
I think a better question would be "if I have sex in a dream will I get laid for real?"
lol pretty good question actually hehehe XD
NatNoBrains7 years ago
No, you don't die! What a stupid question!
rickharris7 years ago
No, followed by Father Christmas, the tooth fairy and hob goblins don't exist either (as far as I know).
no cuz witches, vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters exist so do spirites
and as we all know, Father Christmas was killed by an angry vampire in 1781 after leaving the wrong shade of eyeliner. Plus Sprites hunted Hob Goblins to extinction in the late 19th century. Also, the Tooth Fairy retired when she finished building her tooth castle
predo7 years ago
Man you dont die if you dreamed you died i dreamed falling of a biulding and got smashed on the road down below so i simpy woken up after that being kina freaked out... you dont die doh... ;p You can die dreaming but you wont die becouse of the dreams, maby if you have a heart disease and get a heart attack becouse of the shock but your body wont just shut down like if you die in a dream...

Wish you all well dreams, and don't worry you wont die of it!!! ;D
niceribs7 years ago
I have woke up after dreaming I have died, and had motor paralysis of my entire body apart from my sight........only twice in my entire life.....but I guess you are taking the Michael...if you really died in your dream then I guess NO you do not wake up....
It depends on who's dreaming.
It is not true because I have had the same dream and after I died I woke up.
Criket7 years ago
If i dream of turning into stone, will i wake-up hard?
Sadly not :(
i do that without the dreaming!
Viaticus7 years ago
I think people who say they died in their sleep but didn't actually die, didn't really die in their sleep. They "think" they died, but they probably dreamed it as a near death experience.

No one can really prove, "Yes if you dream death you die" because they all died before they woke up.

Anyway, death is an illusion. Or is it life that is the illusion? Life and death are only illusions...none of us "really" exist to begin with. I heard that in a dream one time.
markmba7 years ago
Actually if you have sleep apnea, your dying in the dream could be your body responding to you not breathing. Prior to getting sleep apnea treatment I would get dying dreams. They were not the same as having an NDE (near death experience) as that was a real experience that you are fully conscious and not lucid dreaming. However, if you regularly jerk awake, with your head pounding or if your partner notes that you are stopping breathing you could be at the early stage of entering into unconsciousness. If you wake up from not breathing it has has more of a warm general well being feeling as you try and come out of it. I found out that after having a sleep study done I wasn't entering deep sleep but flitting in and out of REM, if you are having weird dreams or a lot of lucid ones i would recommend a sleep study for sure.
seandogue7 years ago
Lol, only if you are successful at entering tel'aran'rhiod.

How would anyone know the answer to such a question. If anyone died as a result of dying in their dream, they'd be unable to report on it.


(and actually, I've hit the ground after falling out of a building in a dream. Didn't die. I just got up and thought "how interesting")
I hit the ground a fair bit (usually riding my bike instead of falling), and it hurts, it makes me jerk so violently. It wakes me up. >__<
i always jerk b fore i go to sleep its horrible because im always at that point between sleep and awake
Yay I do not like that too!!
really thats all you thought was how interesting such a relaxed person you must be lol
No, I doubt anyone who knows me irl would call me "relaxed". But dreams are in general different for me.

IRL...I once visited a waterfall in George Washington National forest (Virginia) that had a placard at the top that noted how many people had fallen to their deaths (to remind folks not to go too near the stream bed while up there)...Subsequently had a lucid dream where I somehow ended up going too close to that same area, fell off, found myself falling over a huge desert area, discovered while falling that if I moved the position of my arms I tended to glide, and continued to fall and fall and fall, until I figured out how to fly and and landed at the bottom like a bird. Stupid dreams, but it was fun. The trip was nearly 3 decades ago and the dream about a year following the trip...and I still remember both fondly, although like most thirty year old memories, they're both pretty fuzzy now.

Now...the place...hmm...Crab Tree Falls. (and there is no desert!). The stream bed at the top is worth the climb if you ever get the chance to go there. It looks like dinosaurs ought to be lurking around or something. Bed cuts into the rock about three or four feet and meanders back from the falls into the forest...has a very timeless, almost prehistoric feel. It's on a spur off the Appalachian trail as I recall.
wow that is a pretty unusual dream but crab tree falls is a great place i used to go there quite often before i moved to texas
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