If you have an Instructable in a contest can it be entered in a 2nd contest at the same time or after the 1st is over?

I was thinking about entering the "Get in the Garden" contest but I may not want to if the Instructable could be used towards another contest whose catagory it would fit into better. Any advice is most welcome and much appreciated.

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You can put it in as many contests as you like, as long as it applies to them all.
Lucas0214 (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
Does this still apply if you happen to win one of the contests?
(Especially publishing date)
miiwii3 Kiteman8 years ago
what can a pro do i cant?
Kiteman miiwii38 years ago
In a contest? Nothing.


  • we can see all steps at once without having to click from step to step
  • we can download PDF files of any of the Instructables
  • we can see the smaller secondary images full-size
  • we can send patches to other members
  • there is a pro-only forum