I'm going to start writing techno..but I need help

like Justice and Boys Noize kind of stuff. I already own an m-audio axiom 49 and I was wondering....what other things will I need to start producing? I'm on a $890 budget?

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I'm not too familiar with this controller, but after reviewing some information it seems to be okay. If you're looking to produce any sort of music with this, however, you're going to need software (the bundled stuff is alright but you will outgrow it rather quickly).<br /> <br /> I use Fruity Loops as it has an excellent interface with plenty of bundled plug-ins and samples to start. It's a quick piece of software to lay down ideas, but allows full flexibility for in-depth tweaking and wrenching all sorts of crazy sounds. Aside from that, it has native VST and DirectX plug-in support for both effects and instruments.<br /> <br /> Couple this with the many free VST plug-ins available online, and you'll have a great basis for working with techno. You can use a standard PC to start with, but investing in a few upgrades to put more poop under the hood would be a wise suggestion as audio production can eat away resources in a hurry.<br /> <br /> The only other thing I can think to mention is that there are also lo-tech, lo-fi ways of adding to your arsenal. If you're searching for a fat sound that resonates with nerds worldwide, the <a href="http://www.hardsid.com/">HardSID</a> is an excellent soundcard that incorporates 4 SID chips (the sound chip used in the famous Commodore 64). Incredibly fat basses, rich pads, and hellaciously waspy filters are the hallmarks of this classic sound that still finds its way into modern music (just ask Dr. Dre and Timbaland). Or, if you have VST-capable software, you could use reFX's <a href="http://refx.com/?page=products/quadrasid/summary">QuadraSID</a> plug-in which emulates the humble SID really well (in my opinion, which should count since I've been well acquainted with the sound since I was 3).<br />
Just remember, you only want to use fruity loops if you want people to call you fruity.
Re-design8 years ago
Don't buy anything unless you can really justify your need for it.  That way you will always have some money around for those things that no one thought of.  Like adapters, filters, patch cords etc.
Re-design8 years ago
Some talent would be nice.  Hope you have some.
acidbass8 years ago
you like chemical brothers? i have a studio of my own where i do mixing and stuff give me more detail on my orange board i can help you get started