Is there a way so that crackle nail varnish doesn't atack the under layer?

I would like to paint my nails but yet again I have found the crackle always attacks my base layer I want to do an instructable with this in mind any Ideas?

canucksgirl5 years ago
Clear coats between the base and the crackle layer may help, but AFAIK, the formula is designed to crack the paint layer, so the only thing that would prevent the base from being affected is a barrier.
Do you allow the base layer to dry completely before putting the crackle on? What exactly do you mean by it "attacks" the base layer? I'm going to do a little experimenting on my own nails and hopefully, I'll have a better answer for you within the next few days. :)
Monster Muncher (author)  shysilverleaf5 years ago
Yes however when you then appy crackle the colour underneath comes off I painted my nails today applying a clear coat and worked so thanks everyone