Is there any easy snack food I can make that is of Spanish origin that I can give to a large group of people?

Yeah, so one of my relatives has this Spanish class and all the members have to take food in once a month. Sauce doesn't count unless it's with some other kind of snack. It doesn't really matter what it is as long as it's a finger-food-ish snack food that comes from a Spanish speaking country like Spain, Mexico or Peru. She also have a limited time schedule and she's been pretty sick lately so I offered to help but so far I've come up short (even though I admit I haven't looked very hard). Thanks in advance for your thoughts, I look forward to seeing some of the great ideas people here have up their sleeves.

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Z..8 years ago

An omelette with vegetables added (eg: mushrooms pimento peppers etc.,), then baked in a deep dish in the oven...,OR...

...done on the stovetop-sealed underneath, then turned (use a plate!), and sealed on the other side. This I think is the Spanish version. Mind is blank! I've forgotten what its called!!!
mapmg Z..7 years ago
 It's called a spanish tortilla. Great recipe on cooks
Z.. mapmg7 years ago
That's it! Thanks. I'll check out the one on cooks!
mapmg7 years ago
 Try a romesco sauce on anything made with ground almonds and ground roasted red peppers,parsley, garlic olive oil. recipes on web and cooks illustrated. Easy,freezes. Good on crostini, turkey, seafood or just eaten with a spoon.     
aeray7 years ago
Slice a baguette into 1/2" slices, brush with olive oil, rub with a halved garlic clove, and toast lightly. Top each slice with a piece of piquillo pepper, one anchovy filet, and 3 or 4 capers. Dust with black pepper and serve. I live in a fairly small town in the US, hours from any major metro areas, and all of these ingredients are readily available for a reasonable price at the local stores. As cyberpageman notes, nothing is more Spanish than tapas (and nothing is more tapas than the piquillo pepper).
Burf8 years ago

Mini-tostadas (corn tortilla chips with refried beans, cheese and salsa)

Deep fried flour tortilla chips sprinkled with cinnamon and confectioner's sugar

Quesadilla- Cheese Crisp (cheese sprinkled on a flour tortilla toasted on a hot pan and  cut into wedges)

There is nothing more Spanish than tapas.  Recipes at

You can find dips, etc. at