My Arduino Uno is not showing up as a USB port!!! Please Help!

I am currently trying to convert my old shitty keyboard into a MIDI controller and have everything hooked up to a breadboard and Arduino Uno but the Arduino will not show up as 'USB Serial Port" as the website says it will.
It is showing up in the device manager under "Ports" named "Arduino Uno (COM4)' and I am able to program it to run the blink program successfully, but it just is not showing up as a USB device in order to use it as a MIDI device.

The drivers seem to have all been installed, and the usb cable is working perfectly.
Also when it is plugged in and out of the computer, the computer will make the USB sound but no new USB drive will appear.

Please Help someone!!!! This keyboard is driving me nuts!!!

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Your "midi port" is a five pin DIN connection to your computer, its not the Arduino ? The arduino IS a USB device, its ennumerating as COM4, which is what it should do !

hbade (author)  steveastrouk2 years ago

but I thought the USB port can be used as a midi port too? so do I need to connect the 5-pin midi port to the computer as well as the USB port?

hbade (author)  hbade2 years ago

I'm also confused as to how the single midi port works. Don't I need both a midi in port and a midi out port? I was hoping the USB port would just work for midi and I wouldn't have to worry about the midi in/out haha :/

No. The project you are using creates the old style midi port, the project I highlighted originally makes the Arduino into a USB midi port.

Have you read this ?

hbade (author)  steveastrouk2 years ago

Yeah I have but I am trying to convert my keyboard. I am following this guide from EvanKale and am up to the MIDI-OX part but my device is not being recognised.