My minecraft server quit working?

I currently have a PC dedicated to running a minecraft server.  Initially it worked just fine and could be accessed from anywhere, but recently that stopped.  It is now only accessible on a local scale.  Here is a quick rundown of the network: Wireless radio brings in signal which is then plugged into a router.  That router has one computer attached to it and then a long cable running to a second router.  That second router connects to everything else in the house such as printers three computers plus the dedicated server PC.  I am reasonable sure the problem doesn't reside within the secondary router because when connecting to the primary router with the ip the ports forward to the server just fine.  It is also possible to reach the server with the direct ip  Using the port usually isn't necessary however I use it here to emphasize my problem.  I have also used my other computers in attempts to get the server to broadcast, however it has always failed.  I really need help because we were just about to go public with the server when this problem came up.  Do any of you have an idea of why I wouldn't be able to access the server above a local scale?

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jjames394 years ago
If no one can connect, then something is wrong with either the firewall or the port-forwarding. Just because it works one day and not the next does not mean that it is not the problem. Just make sure first that it is not. monoclonal antibody drugs

But, are you able to use localhost as the IP or the internal IP to reach the server?
frollard4 years ago
It's not always a problem, but there are a LOT of VERY HARD to diagnose problems when you put port forwarding behind port forwarding. Is it possible to turn the 2nd router into switch mode (turn off the dhcp router inside) so that everything gets an ip on the same local network?

NAT behind NAT causes problems especially if your 2ndary router rebooted and got a new dhcp address from the primary (gateway) router. (author)  frollard4 years ago
The secondary router has a static IP and I have used this method for a couple months now, it just recently stopped working, and I have even disconnected the secondary router and gone with just one router to my computer and it still fails to work. Do you have any idea why this wouldn't be working, I believe it has to do with more than just addresses and forwarding.
frollard jj.inc4 years ago
If it suddenly stopped working even when directly connected, then its a connectivity issue with the server itself, not the network.
Could you just DMZ the server comp on the second router and then forward through the first?
You definitely could so long as you wanted to forfeit most of your configurability of other devices behind the 2nd router.
Can't you just place individual devices in the DMZ and keep the rest behind it as normal? Essentially the server computer appears to be attached directly to the first router since it sits in front of any configuration on the second router.
It still has a translated IP address afaik which can cause problems with forwarding. It's a solution but not an elegant one.