Pellet stove conversion?

We have an air tight wood stove.

If we run out of wood, could we use pellets. We see that the home Hardware store locally is selling them, and thought that if we run out of regular wood, how could we burn pellets.

dexterm1225 years ago
Good question. I am wanting to learn more about pellet stoves in eugene oregon. What are the major benefits of using pellets in your stoves? Any help would be great.
capt.tagon6 years ago
Get yourself a stack temp gauge before burning pellets in your wood stove, stick it on the side of the stove and monitor it. Be aware that you can easily overfire with pellets until you learn how to properly manage your fire. As with wood, start small and observe.

Personally, I don't bother with baskets, I prefer the multi-fuel method and burn pellets and wood at the same time as a wood extending technique. Also makes starting fires a lot easier as the pellets are dry.
emit (author) 8 years ago
Thanks , will do that, havent seen the bag, just the ouside sign
lemonie8 years ago
I'd read what it says on the bags(?) of pellets, and if that doesn't answer it ask the hardware store.