Remote control cable TV not working. Not a battery problem. Turns TV on + off, but all I get is snow. What 2 do?

Evidently hit something wrong on the remote or the TV, now all I get is snow, with no channels changed.... The mute button does work, but that's it. Any ideas of what to do, short of calling the co. & paying their hefty fees? TIA

Capt. Howdy8 years ago
Yep it could be the input (front-svideo-cable) or some dead buttons on remote. If you have a video camera you can test your remote. "film" your remote while pointing it at your camera lense, have someone push remote buttons while you "film" your remote. You can't see the infrared LED light up with the naked eye but you can see it while you "film" your remote while someone pushes the remote buttons. If you see no light from your remote through your camera when the channel up and down buttons some thing is wrong with remote.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. You may have changed the input source. How to reset depends on the TV. Google is your friend.