Robosapien android control?

Ive recently found some different hacks for wowwee's Robosapien and these have inspired me to dig out my old one and see what i could do. One thing i want to start with is controlling it with maybe an app on my android, ive found a few different websites  with different ways to go about this but none was what i wanted. Ive found these two projects ( here and here) and i wondering if anyone could help me bridge the two (the coding still gives me a headache), of if you have a different way to go about it.  Thanks in advance

frollard5 years ago
If you want out of the coding hassle, check out

Disclosure: it's invented/made by a friend of mine, but I do not stand to profit from this advice...

It's a drag/drop interface with a completely custom board that allows every pin to be every type of input or the software side you just drag drop connections between input and output - from there you can control from virtually anything the computer can control. (i-device and I believe android supported).
zootsuitman (author)  frollard5 years ago
This would be perfect, except for the fact i'm notoriously cheap. Does this work with other controllers or just the kit you have to buy, if not i will probably consider this as it seems really cool. Thanks again for the answer.
I've not seen any other robosapien hacks...I'm sure you can find something but that price is his thousands of hours to make the thing user friendly. you get user friendly or cheap, your pick. :)
zootsuitman (author)  frollard5 years ago
Makes sense, ill look into it