SD-card to Wii/PC Switch. Any better solutions than 4 DPDT and 1 SPDT Switches?

I've created a quick schematic of the switch I want to make:
Basically I want to make a switch with 1 input(SD-card) and 2 outputs(Wii and PC), which makes it possible for me to connect the sd-card to my PC, so I'll be able to transfer data to it. Then, by using the switch, connect the SD-card to my Wii.

From what I understand the input (SD-card) has 9 pins and 2 outputs(Wii & PC) have18 pins, which means it would be possible to connect 4DPDT switches and 1SPDT switch. But that just seems like an awful amount of buttons, just to switch from PC to Wii. 

So my question is: is there a more suitable solution for a switch?

Ps. I excuse my poor English, It aint my first language :)

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Use a rotary switch that can have 9 inputs and switch between 2 sets of 9 other pins.

The best way to handle this is to get an old serial AB switch like this one.

The rotary switch inside takes the 9 pin input of a serial cable and allows you to switch between 2 serial outputs. Just the number of pins you need for your SD card idea. 
shaddyd (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Thank you were much for your quick answer:D Just got the feeling that this might be a little bit to big, or something. Is there maybe any smaller solution, It really doesn't need a rotary switch maybe just a switch like this one:)
And if not, could this Manual VGA Switch work too?
Either solution will work. But if the rotary switch from the serial switcher is too big then the VGA switch is way to big. The rotary switch from the serial switcher may be a larger diameter then the push button but it won't be as long.
shaddyd (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Hmm, Don't quite follow why the Puss button switch would be bigger than the VGA Switch.
Btw do you have any Idea/ Schematics of, how the AB Switch works? Cause how the Switch works is still a big mystery to me:(
Anyway thanks for all your help so far:D
As an example the push button is what 1.5" long. The rotary switch is only 1" long but will be larger around then the push button. The VGA switch you linked 2 has 2 push buttons on it linked together. When one is pressed in the other popes out.

The serial AB switch uses a rotary switch. Its the same thing as the push button switch you linked to it just arranges the contacts in a circle rather then a straight line. Inside the rotary or the push button switch is much like any DPST switch. The center contact is the input the 2 outer contacts are the output. The slider has a wide contact on it that can bridge the center point with either of the outer points.

The VGA switch is the same setup but with 2 buttons handling the work. The buttons are spring loaded so when one is press the other's locking pin releases allowing the spring to disengage the button. The input is split between the 2 buttons then each button goes to a single output.

Both AB switches are old and the inside of the cases are mostly filled with the wires running from the connectors to the switch(s). I think i still have a parellel port AB switcher in my junk box at home. At least i think i still have the rotary switch from it. Now that was a mess of wires.