Solar Cells Coating?

Hi Guys!

A few weeks ago I found an auction on ebay, bid, and won myself some big old pack of solar cells. Now these panels are wafer thin, no coating or covering. Additionally, I need to put the wire collecting ribbons on myself. The only problem with these is that they are incredibly fragile. What can I coat them with to protect them? Is there any spray or acrylic or resin that you use to protect them?


frollard2 years ago
If you bought tabbed or tabless solar cells, they need to be laid out, tabbed, soldered, and glued to a strong enough substrate. Many diy people use a weather-sealed piece of plywood. To protect the front side of the cells once they are soldered, you need to get a transparent epoxy coating to paint over the whole panel. There are formulas designed specifically for solar panels to be as transparent as possible.
Barring that, once soldered and glued down -- by putting some sticky foam weather stripping around all 4 edges, you can then just lay a piece of glass over top of the panel and have it sealed shut that way.!%29

see also: this guy is selling a pva sheet.
Kiteman2 years ago
To protect the ribbons once you've soldered them?

Blobs of hot glue or two-part epoxy would be fine.
transistorguy (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
No. The panels themselves. They are very brittle and fragile.
Ah, see Frollard's reply then.