Solar Cells Coating?

Hi Guys!

A few weeks ago I found an auction on ebay, bid, and won myself some big old pack of solar cells. Now these panels are wafer thin, no coating or covering. Additionally, I need to put the wire collecting ribbons on myself. The only problem with these is that they are incredibly fragile. What can I coat them with to protect them? Is there any spray or acrylic or resin that you use to protect them?


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frollard4 years ago
If you bought tabbed or tabless solar cells, they need to be laid out, tabbed, soldered, and glued to a strong enough substrate. Many diy people use a weather-sealed piece of plywood. To protect the front side of the cells once they are soldered, you need to get a transparent epoxy coating to paint over the whole panel. There are formulas designed specifically for solar panels to be as transparent as possible.
Barring that, once soldered and glued down -- by putting some sticky foam weather stripping around all 4 edges, you can then just lay a piece of glass over top of the panel and have it sealed shut that way.!%29

see also: this guy is selling a pva sheet.
Kiteman4 years ago
To protect the ribbons once you've soldered them?

Blobs of hot glue or two-part epoxy would be fine.
transistorguy (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
No. The panels themselves. They are very brittle and fragile.
Ah, see Frollard's reply then.