Someone Pinched My Instructable? What Can I do?

Someone pinched my instructable ( and put it on their own website as theirs! ( What can I do about it? I want it taken down!

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Recipes are not protected under copyright and patent laws, however your picks and your writing are protected.

The thing is not all countries signed into the international copyright and patent agreement. And that is a German translation with no author claimed, so I am not sure you can do anything but swear at them like you did.

I know the feeling, the same site has also translated and published at least two of my Instructables without giving any credit:

Legal battles cost money so probably not worth it, could ask them to give proper credit or remove it, then cross your fingers!

If you are lucky then the most simple thing should do it:

Contact us:

The link(s) are at the bottom of their page.
Since none of them are working and the website is hosted on a crappy hosting site that does not care I think an email to could help.
Tell them that it is more than obvious that the content is stolen and violates your license.
Give them three days to take the content down then contact again.
If no luck contact the hosting site or the DMCA directly with info on your ible (link) the license used and that you want your content taken down.

seamster6 days ago

Hi there,

Here's a forum topic on the same subject, that has a lot of good info:

I'd recommend reading at least a couple pages of the comments, which include outcomes from authors who have likewise found their work reposted elsewhere without their permission, and what they have been able (or not able) to do about it.

Not a lot really, unless you have deep pockets and European lawyers by the look of it. You could send a takedown notice to the webmaster.