Strange Canine Behavior?

My dog (you can see her here and on my profile) is exhibiting strange behavior. She is a little under two years old, and she is a pointer mix. We also think that she has a little bit of boxer or pitbull. Whenever she eats her food, she will walk into the kitchen to get a mouthfull, then she wil walk across the house and chew it up and swallow. She will either do this with some mouthfulls or nearly all of them. Is this normal behavior? Shes not a normal dog when it comes to how she behaves (shes been on my roof twice,) but I have never seen another dog do this before. Please help.


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My aunt has a dog who does this. It's not very uncommon. I looked into it a little and it looks like it's an instinctual habit to keep anything else from getting the food they have. I don't think it's anything to worry about.
Toby Robb5 years ago
Hi Freeza36,

I have seen this behaviour explained on a dog show. Tell me, if you move the food to a different location ie outside, does it make a difference. There is something about the location for example the floor covering that your dog doesn't like. Placing down a rug may help.
freeza36 (author)  Toby Robb5 years ago
Outside isnt an option. My dog jumps fences, and runs. Plus, i live in colorado. (snow until march)
thegeeke5 years ago
My dog used to do this... she grew out of it eventually. Also, we ended up moving her dishes down to the basement which seemed to help. I don't think that it's anything to worry about, but I'm not a vet, so if you are worried about it for some reason, I would actually talk to a vet about it. (Or there are actually dog psychiatrists out there if you are really worried about it!) ;)