Sucker Punch?

Bought a rotary punch from Harbor Freight Tools. Second use it broke. Don't buy Harbor Freight rotary punches.

MikaelaHolmes7 months ago

Ugh. Sorry, good to know. Yeah, I have heard some other bad things about their tools.

deuce13137 months ago

Yup. Learned that lesson myself. Tandy Leather makes a pro and an econo version, both of which will last years (I have had the econo for 10+ and the pro version for ~ 5 years. Both are still going strong). Lots of online suppliers as well. is an awesome resource as well... best of luck and have fun!!

If planning to do a lot of punching, an "above average" rotary punch, that allows for punch replacement, is invaluable. I'm using a punch my parents used since the 50's. I "inherited" from them in the 80's. It's still working great!